May 22nd-June 31st 2023

We accept ANY water technology, Brita filter, Whole home water system, Salt water system or anything of choice that you are no longer going to use now that you will have the Best Heathy Hydrating Water!!

If you have been following for a while you know that Hydrogen water Is different than Alkaline Ionized Water and that Molecular Hydrogen
is the exclusive agent in Alkaline Water that is responsible for
ALL of the benefits!

Hydrogen is the new emerging medical gas and Alkaline Water is on the downward trending slope as more research is coming out everyday on the benefits of
Hydrogen Water over Alkaline Ionized Water

Ready to Have Some Fun

Decide what NEW Hydrogen Water Bundle pack you would like to up grade to

At check out you will add the Discount Code: TRADE UP

Now for the Fun Example Video

You get to be Creative and dispose of your old technology any way you want! When you do this you will video the experience and upload it to youtube or find a way to get the video over to

Now for the PRIZE!!!

5 Lucky Winners

3 Day Stay at Coronado Resort

Coronado Hotel

1500 Orange Ave.Coronado, CA 92118

Testimonies from Clients

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the winners be announced?

July 2nd 2023

What if I want the trade in but don't want to do the video?

No problem just send us your OLD unit and your creative Idea and we will create the video on your behalf (however this will not count towards the contest) but you will still receive the $1,000 credit.

Is Air fare included?


Will the food be included?

Most meals will be included

Is there any special activities or excursions?

Yes we will have the time of your life!!

How are the videos graded?

We have a panel of unbiased judges that will grade on most creative, funny and thinking outside of the BOX!

Will my video be used for future promotions?

Yes when you win we will showcase your creativity!

NEW to Hydrogen?

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